“Happy music – sad music”

…Or as Aristotle would say, drama vs. comedy. …Or as scientists would say, mood management. I recently noticed the topic by going through my music library. After figuring out that I rarely possess happy music. And I missed it, yet I knew where to search. Still it is lacking in my library. I wondered why this…… Continue reading “Happy music – sad music”

Pink Floyd – Meddle – Echoes

It’s been a month since the last update, but hey here we go again. I want to write about songs that mean a lot to me or that contain something I really want to talk about, so it might occur that it takes longer till I post an update. Anyways, another song by Pink Floyd…… Continue reading Pink Floyd – Meddle – Echoes

Of Black Clouds and Silver Linings

A couple of weeks ago, a poem faced the light of day for the very first time. It tries to verbalize my feelings and imaginations of the saying “Every black cloud has a silver lining”. (English and german version) Of Black Clouds and Silver Linings Far in the distance Yet always above They darken the…… Continue reading Of Black Clouds and Silver Linings