Ambient Music, Shoegaze and Postrock

Ok, so there are big parts of my music life to date that consist of (progressive) rock. It contains a lot of difficult patterns, discerningly lyrics… basically it’s complex stuff (at least most of the stuff I listen to). There is always some kind of equalisation, not only in things like taste but in general.…… Continue reading Ambient Music, Shoegaze and Postrock

Pink Floyd – The Wall

Phew. Ok, so in the last entry I mentioned that before listening to prog metal, I had a Pink Floyd period in my music life. Today I saw a video called “Donald Trump’s The Wall, a video collage of Mr. Trumps life set on top of Pink Floyds masterpiece-album “The Wall”. I really didn’t had…… Continue reading Pink Floyd – The Wall

The development of “MusicDayJourney”

Why is there a twitter profile called “MusicDayJourney / Music Ranjit”? What functions did it have in the past, did they change? To answer the last question first: Yes they did. But to understand how, let’s go back to the beginning: I used to share a lot of my music on facebook before the twitter…… Continue reading The development of “MusicDayJourney”

Dream Theater – Falling Into Infinity – Trial Of Tears

So the first song here will be "Trial Of Tears" from the progressive metal group Dream Theater. The first time I ever heard the name Dream Theater was about seven years ago, and if I remember it correctly we listened to "Falling Into Infinity". To be honest I didn't take heed of the band following… Continue reading Dream Theater – Falling Into Infinity – Trial Of Tears