“Happy music – sad music”

…Or as Aristotle would say, drama vs. comedy.
…Or as scientists would say, mood management.

I recently noticed the topic by going through my music library. After figuring out that I rarely possess happy music. And I missed it, yet I knew where to search. Still it is lacking in my library. I wondered why this is the case.
So there is the mood management model, which suggests media selection based on the current mood (a hypothesis I am having difficulties with). Although it is difficult, what purposes do we have, why do we chose to either listen to this or that?
I have to say that the occasions where I am picky with the music and its mood are rare, so most of the time I’m ok with whatever comes next. Just in some special moments I pick a song or an album that promises vitalising or relaxing tunes. The same goes for happy and sad music. There are times in which you want to feel good and enforce it through music and there are times in which you want a more thoughtful and secluded setting with fitting music.
Mood management doesn’t fit for all occasions since most of the time the music we pick is “okay”… or is it? I thought about the general music choice, about the mix of ones music library which is already a result of a general “life-mood-tendency”. It’s difficult to say that a person “is”, because we change on a daily basis but in sum we build up tendencies.
While happy music may provide you with power, joy and happiness, sad music gives you deep insights into yourself.
Enclosed to this post, you will find an album of the postrock-band “Once Upon A Winter” which brings both extrema together. Very interesting to listen to… and maybe you can find out what the different styles do to you.
As always, enjoy listenning 🙂
Picture Credit:
Alan O’Rourke (https://www.flickr.com/photos/toddle_email_newsletters/ ) audiencestack.com


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