Pink Floyd – Meddle – Echoes

It’s been a month since the last update, but hey here we go again. I want to write about songs that mean a lot to me or that contain something I really want to talk about, so it might occur that it takes longer till I post an update.

Anyways, another song by Pink Floyd !
So I already explained what the band means to me and in which time of my life I discovered it. A little bit unsurprisingly but for me still uncommon is that years later songs still fit some similar situations than the ones they fit first. Songs are always connected with some sort of mood management – or at least that is what we assume from scientific research. From a personal point of view I say it is a rather squishy hypothesis but it’s the best we have today so we take the viewpoint of media selection by mood – with the aim to either get rid of the current mood or with the aim to strengthen it (the fact that the hypothesis tries to explain both extrema is what it makes so squishy). So what mood does one pursue by listenning to Meddle / Echoes in particular?
The whole album is (like most of the stuff from the Waters/Gilmour era) full of jazz-like sounds, slow rythms and eagerness to experiment especially with the given technical equipment. The only exception is “One of these days” which comes without lyrics and pure joy of playing while using a quick beat. A Pillow Of Winds is carried by Gilmours soft voice and contains some carribean / beach like guitar sounds together with some psychadelic elements. Fearless contains some extra sounds, the most iconic one may be the fan-choir and sounds of a football game at the beginning and the end of the song. San Tropez is also coined by a relaxing sound. Seamus is famous for containing the howling / whimmer of a dog that was recorded while the band actually played the song along with the animal, which is why he reacts on similar occasions. The music in Seamus is also very bluesy.
It cannot be stated that the album somehow would build up to the main suite echoes, however. Although it is often the case with longplays that they contain elements of the other songs on that album or somehow wrapping up the content to that point, thisis not the case with Echoes.
The suite begins with the iconic ping echo / radar sound. It gives me goosebumps every time I hear it because my brain knows which emotional journey it is going to go through the next 23 minutes. When Gilmour starts with “Overhead the albatross…” in this again very distant voice one can easily set oneself into the scene… being alone at a very quiet, peaceful place, feeling the wind and some waves… The song goes on with this until it reaches its more soundscape and noise-dominated part featuring a few crows, an uncanny background-music and a high squeaking sound. It all grows up to the point of silence where the ping from the beginning sets again. The background synthesizer remains in suspense when it finally solves with another accord and finally giving a pause for relaxation and relief. The guitar, bass and drum begin to set in, constantly rising to a point where the guitar takes lead. After that all instruments come together, again crescending until they all culminate and stop, when Gilmour again sets in with the soft voice until he ends with “So I throw the windows wide // And call to you across the sky”.  What a beautiful ending for the lyrics… The endlessness and melancholy, the longing.. all comes together at this point. The instruments again start to play fast until again they establish a break and slowly fade out. Right at the end of the song a choir of a lot of voices ascends in tone.
So which mood is managed here? I always listen to when I feel endless yet a bit feeble, wanting to drift off in this peaceful world created by the song. Echoes creates a very ideal landscape which would never exist in reality but is beautiful in one’s very own fantasy.
As always, words can describe a lot but you won’t nearly experience what I try to clumsily describe here. So again as always I recommend you to listen to the song entirely and letting it have its impact on your mind.

Link here:
Enjoy 🙂


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