The Acoustic Guitar

In the last entry I presented the genre ambient, an art concentrating on its emotional message. Today this entry is about a solo instrument that carries exactly the same message – the acoustic guitar.

First of all, of course there are plenty of other instruments that can express emotions. Violins are good for tragic moments as for happy and fast music, pianos can be great for big scenes and basically every other situation and so on. But only a few instruments sound that warm and soft (speaking of a standard acoustic guitar, not the ones with steel strings [western, half-acoustic, etc.]).
My knowledge about the classical compositions is really bad, but today I got to listen to this piece of art by Paco de Lucia called Rumba Improvisada. It has some elements of flamenco in it. So today I learned I like flamenco.And then it came to my mind that I liked another piece of music for a long time, which also contains a lot of flamenco. It is the best tune for acoustic guitar I heard yet and it’s called Asturias by Isaac Albeniz. The first time I heard it was from my own guitar teacher four years ago (btw. sadly I don’t play guitar anymore and he has retired). The dark, yet vivid pattern … I never forgot about it. I later got the chance to listen to it played by Pepe Romero. The musician has some influence on every composition while playing it (and in case of Pepe Romero I do not have to mention that his version was very impressive), but the tune itself is so fascinating that besides who is playing, it is always a pleasure to listen to.
As I mentioned before, I really do not have further knowledge about more pieces to listen to. Since the music is the message in itself, there are no further words to describe what I mean. But I hope that the links posted will give a better insight for it and of what raises the fascination for this instrument. Enjoy listening in a quite silent and focussed moment 🙂 I also recommend to try out this instrument!

Edit: Youtube Playlists do help a lot!


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