Ambient Music, Shoegaze and Postrock

Ok, so there are big parts of my music life to date that consist of (progressive) rock. It contains a lot of difficult patterns, discerningly lyrics… basically it’s complex stuff (at least most of the stuff I listen to).
There is always some kind of equalisation, not only in things like taste but in general. So it is not surprising that in contrast to difficult music there is simple music. That is the point where ambient sets in. Again, I don’t know exactly how I got to know the genre but I remember listenning to some techno / house first. Then there was Avicii with (the full version !) of “Levels”. Very puristic music made to be fun and easy to listen to. Ok. Few elements build up a song without or with just very few lyrics. Still not ambient. But that was the approach. I really enjoyed the feelings transported through rock music when I was a teen. As I said in a post before, these tunes gave me power and they were vitalising. Then I enjoyed progressive rock with its sadness, its sometimes endless themes and so on. I loved (and still do) Pink Floyds “Shine On You Crazy Diamond”, which created an infinite dreamy space to dive into.
It must have been shortly after that I discovered the album “Dive” by Tycho. And this was exactly what I needed at this point of life: The pure essence, painting a picture of some beautiful far away place. I really wanted more of this. The whole music was just a big giving in experience, being led only by emotions and the music. Beautiful. It was so simple and yet contained everything I wanted and more for it created dreamscapes I never thought of before. Emotions without a point to hang on to, just floating through the consciousness. Wonderful.
And there was (and is) so much to explore. On and on I kind of collected new emotions, imaginary pictures and situations by just listening to ambient. The music can be everything, from scary (i.e. dark ambient) to relaxing, epic, lovely… anything you want.
And it can be produced nearly everywhere with just a little financial effort. That’s why I still don’t know few artists in this genre. There is Tycho of course, then Spheria and Owsey… and here we reach the end of my spontanous list. I mostly discover new artists by watching videos of the Ambient Music Channel on Youtube, which is truely the greatest place for lovers of this art. It must have been there where I found out about shoegaze and postrock, two music styles that also try to evoke similar emotions and a sense of infinity. Although I do know only a few ambient artists, there are some bands and musicians I know from these genres. To mention just a few: Alcest, The American Dollar, I Am The Architect, Mono, Nordic Giants, The Daysleepers, Patient Patient, Oh Hiroshima, Kovlo, Holographic Human Element, Mogwai and lots of others I feel bad not to mention but I can’t name at the moment. Yes, there are many of them and I recommend to listen to everyone of them on youtube! There is so much to discover for the underground in this genre is as good as the famous artists and it is huge. You can really discover the very exact emotion in music you were searching for by listenning to bands of this type of art. This is why I like it and why I do not want to stop to search deeper and deeper in the treasurebox of ambient/shoegaze/postrock.

To give you an example of a dimension of ambient, follow the link below.
Again I want to recommend to listen to all of the bands and artists listed above because the transported emotions are so different from artist to artist, yet I am sure there is a specific band for everyone. As always, enjoy listenning and exploring this genre.
🙂 (Ambient-Playlist: Atmospheric, Soundscape, Drone, Post Rock)


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