The development of “MusicDayJourney”

Why is there a twitter profile called “MusicDayJourney / Music Ranjit“? What functions did it have in the past, did they change?
To answer the last question first: Yes they did. But to understand how, let’s go back to the beginning:
I used to share a lot of my music on facebook before the twitter account was created. Having a very special taste in progressive stuff, I felt like the music I posted did annoy most of my friend list or at least spam the timeline, but not entertaining or sharing good moments with my friends. Also I wanted to discover new tunes and artists, even genres and didn’t find a fitting place for it (except for which also didn’t fit the situation).
I finally decided for twitter, where I could do a couple of things: Connect with the bands and staying up to date, posting the songs to an audience that is interested and finally I hope(d) for the hashtag “musicblog” to inspire more people, so that I could discover other landscapes of musical taste as well.
Just to be honest, the last thing is still not happening. But I connected with the bands I wanted and built up my own “music-diary” through which I like to scroll from time to time. It is great to see how taste changes and where different life situations influence the music habits.
After a while of posting with genre-specific hashtags it occured that some bands contacted me to promote their music. This “function” wasn’t planned in the beginning but soon I loved getting to know new bands that I would never have found otherwise. It is a common stereotype that “proggers” want to be the first ones to find a new band and in parts I can approve this behaviour. I feel very thankful for the development the blog took until today. Although the hashtag musicblog may still stay a dream, every other aspect works fine.
And this is where the account is today: Not only serving as a diary and place for others to find new music, but also as a spider web to catch new bands based on the tweeted hashtags, MusicDayJourney will continue and hopefully give people a chance to be happy and have a good time. 🙂


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