Finally setting up the “real” blog!

Okay. Here it is. After nearly one and a half years after Ari Koinuma mentioned on twitter that the real blog is missing, I finally found the time and motivation to fill this missing part. The links to the videos will be basically the same as the ones tweeted. So what is it to expect from this blog?
Thoughts, feelings, emotions, memories and ratings of the songs I post on the social network. The 140 characters are by far not sufficient enough to describe why the posted link is important and why I listen to it. All of the information giving a deeper insight will now be found here. Okay, to guard against some disappointment: I am still at the very beginning of my exploration of the world, so I don’t have a whole lifestory to tell for each link. So it will occur that some links will have less commentary than others. But I have planned to write everything I want to write to the song posted, giving enough insights for a good understanding what the tune means to me.
I feel really excited to start this, for I have wished to do this for long, so let’s start. Thank you for stopping by and may you find inspiration and new cool music over here and elsewhere! 🙂


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